Agency Zed Productions Inc.

We’re focused on digital brand extension. For over a decade we’ve crafted stories and experiences for broadcast, online and mobile audiences. Our approach marries your communications goals with your audience’s needs/motivations. This approach helps us identify the best way to both reach and provide value to them. Award-winning design and technical ability make the end result engaging, usable and beautiful.

Agency Zed is owned and operated by Don Aker – a digital media & strategy pioneer with over 20 years of expertise in designing, developing and managing the development of award-winning digital communications projects.

With expert-level skills in strategic planning, project management, solution delivery, & stakeholder engagement you can be assured your project will be successful. In fact, with hundreds of projects delivered, there’s not much Don hasn’t experienced.

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If you’re in the market for a web/mobile application, corporate video, interactive presentation, or any other media related projects, we can handle it from start to finish or work with you to polish it off. agencyzed has all the capabilities to work on anything you throw at us.
We’re not your supplier, we’re part of your team. This is an important distinction. A ‘trusted advisor’ role is not only more fulfilling for us, it almost always provides more value to you and your audience. We have also cultivated great processes and policies, but in the end, better products come from better partnerships.

Functional beauty

Our Ultimate client is Your client. We want to deliver products that make you look good – products that do what they are supposed to do and achieve what is intended of them. We use conventions and metaphors that the end user is familiar with, but package them in a way that is fresh and engaging. This way the application behaves the way the user expects yet has a polish that is often beyond their expectations.

Client roster

Bell Canada
British Telecom
Canada Post
Ottawa Animation Festival
Ottawa Citizen
Deloitte Digital
Health Canada
Mr. Lube
National Gallery of Canada
Nitro Microsystems
Smart Interactive
SMART Technologies
SpyGlass Photography
Soapy Films
Yahoo! Canada